Extension accounts require you to install the Google Chrome extension and mandates the use of Google Chrome browser. All the activity that you do on Instamate is done from your own IP address. However, this means extension accounts need you to always keep the scheduled posts tab open to ensure scheduled posts are posted on time.

Premium accounts are assigned a dedicated IP address which is used for you only and ensures all your Instamate activity goes through the dedicated IP. What this also means is that all your scheduled posts are done from the dedicated IP address on autopilot. So you never need to keep your tabs open for scheduled posts. Also you get to use instamate on your mobile phone and also get early access to Instamate features.

Why do we charge recurring fee for Premium?

Dedicating an IP for you is a monthly cost to us for every single IP we rent, so we have to pass this on, otherwise it would be a broken business model. 

Why is this important to have your own IP?
Take a look at an insta launch that ran thousands of Insta accounts on 1 cloud IP a few weeks ago - the product and ALL of the users accounts on it are gone. Now on top of that, would you REALLY want to be having all your hard work and value you are providing be on the same IP address as someone else who could say for example be posting adult content, spamming users, doing blackhat tasks resulting in the IP being banned and both their account and yours along with it? I highly doubt it. Your security is our number 1 priority & give you all of the features in extension accounts as a 1 time investment that is 100% safe, or a very low monthly investment if and only if you want to rent an IP address.