Social media has become a huge thing in today's world and the possibilities are endless. Instagram in particular is one of the most engaged social media platforms with engagement rates that are 15 times more than that of Facebook. Some of the most popular ways to make money through instamate using your instagram accounts are

  1. Promoting your own products: If you run a store or sell products online, Instamate helps you find trending content related to your niche which you can repost to your profile. As more people visit your profile and follow you, you get to promote your product through your bio link and take people to your store.
  2. Promoting affiliate products: You can also promote affiliate products from Amazon, Teespring and other commission based services online. Some of these affiliate product sites may be blocked on Instagram, so we have tailored solutions like Link Cloaker tool which cloaks the links and allows them to be posted. More engaged profiles on Instamate get more followers and hence more clicks to the affiliate products which means so many more sales :). 
  3. Manage social media accounts for clients: Some of the biggest money makers on Instamate have access to the Commercial edition of the Instamate software which allows you to issue keys to other companies and sell the software at whatever price you feel like. You can also charge a higher fee if you manage their entire social media presence on Instagram which is totally automated through Instamate. Such a business could run into thousands of dollars per month

All of these techniques are taught based on real-world case studies through our VIP training module. You can always grab a license for VIP training or the above mentioned link cloaker, commercial edition, etc from the link below

We highly encourage you to join the Instamate VIP Group on Facebook that's reserved for Instamate users. You can collaborate with thousands of Instagram marketers around the world and share your ideas and learn a lot more. You can find the link to the group on the left sidebar on the Instamate tool.

Hope Instamate helps you scale your business to much greater heights. We're always here to help.