As an update for everyone, again its the developer account that got autoflaged by so many users using it on a short period of time.

Facebook then requested the account to have a credit card and ID attached to it which has been done, we now have got in contact with FB and they have pushed it to the front of the correct team, so now they have that info it should be as simple as hitting approve and we will be good to go. 

In saying that, we also have uploaded Viral Autobots to another one of our developers accounts which is approved and have put that forward to approval again which should also be done within 24 hours, however we doubt this will even be needed as it will just be a backup.

UPDATE: Due to the APP developer account is down, we are waiting on a approval from Facebook FOR ANY (posting or adding any authenticated pages, top niches button) PLEASE STANDBY!

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QUICK UPDATE: Click here for details


QUICK UPDATE: Click here for details


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Luke Maguire & The Viral Autobots Team